An Unlikely Pair

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Winter Wonderland

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The snow that covers HoneyBear Ranch this morning is beautiful. The sun is glistening off of it and it looks like it ought to be warmer than the 18 degrees on our thermometer.  It fell softly a couple of days ago, piling up on tree branches, fence rails, and bird feeders.  There’s probably a good 6 inches on the ground.  It makes our place look like a winter wonderland.  The dogs are having a ball running through it, playing tag, rolling in it.  They’re like excited children seeing snow for the first time.  It’s even beginning to help remove the skunk smell.  We’ve felt guilty putting Cora and PJ in the run every night, worrying about them being cold as the temperatures fall to the low teens.  They don’t seem to mind at all! 

As beautiful as the snow is, I wish it would go away and Spring would come.  The older I get, the less I like snow and cold.  I grew up in snow country – northern Ohio – where winter lasted for months.  I don’t miss it one bit! 

It’s time to start tomato seeds in the greenhouse, but the nights are too cold.  We’re able to keep the greenhouse above freezing, but just barely.  All our plants are being stressed by the night time cold.  The long range forecast is hopeful, though, and the ground hog didn’t see his shadow this year.  Maybe spring is just around the corner after all.

I keep reminding myself that I’ll wish for this cold come August when it’s 110 outside and the gardens are stressed from the heat.  We humans are never happy, are we?!