Baby Miracle

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We’ve had our barbado sheep, Bonnie and Clyde, for almost two years.  We bought them when they were babies from some friends.  We’ve watched as Clyde’s matured into a fine looking adult ram, complete with curled horns and “lion’s” mane.  But we began to think that  he was sterile.  Several times we thought that just maybe Bonnie was pregnant, but no baby ever arrived.  About two weeks ago we realized that Bonnie was milking up!  Every morning we expected to see a baby or two – or – gulp – even three – at her side.  She teased us for a week, through bitter cold and wet weather.  Phil built her a little hut and put a heat lamp in it.  One of the other sheep, Lucky, checked it out by licking the heat lamp.  He decided that wasn’t such a good idea!  Two days after Christmas, my daughter Suzie and her family came for a visit.  The morning after they arrived, Suzie and her boys Caleb and Logan, walked up to the pasture to see how Bonnie was doing.  A few minutes later, Caleb burst into the house yelling, “Grandma. Grandma!  The baby’s here!  The baby’s here!  It’s a miracle!”  My grandson Caleb, now 11, has Ausperger’s, a high functioning form of Autism.  He’s never much been interested in farm animals, so his excitement at seeing a new baby sheep right after it was born is, in itself, a miracle.  In his honor, we’ve named Bonnie’s baby “Miracle.”  And, in many respects, that’s exactly what she is!  Oh, and Bonnie has never used the little hut Phil built.  She, like most Barbadoes, prefers to sleep outside.  If it’s cold, she wraps herself around her baby and keeps her warm

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